Oct 22, 2019

Cory Diary : Telegram Craze

Have been trying out new channel of investment sharing. As above is called Telegram. For what it matters, it functions similar like an apps chat hosted by Telegram. You will need mobile number to register.

The advantage therefore we can have hundreds of people in the chat group. There are many different groups for different interests. Manage to get myself into a few Singapore investment groups. I have seen Foods, Jobs, .... but don't get yourself into trouble like Nasi Lemak Group which were in the News recently for spreading pornographic materials. For the political savvy, there is one by our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

To join the private group they require "link" invitation but you can try search to get the public ones using keyword of interests. Ping me if you need specific investment groups for invites. There is a few SG Reits groups which are more align to my interests. However, there are others for knowledge.

Telegram Chat certainly moves faster than the traditional media channels that I am in use. And there is more responsive helps from others. The Apps is much lighter therefore faster to read, share, stored and communicate.

Few things in the news recently. Reits Reporting season. CMT DPU up 4.8% YoY Cheers, another strong quarter.  Keppel shares limited acquisition by Temasek, cheers because I have it in STI Index  .... . And one not so good which is Aims Apac Reit secondary listing which cause the share price to drop and hovers around $1.38.




  1. hi there, can you share some investiment telegram groups?

    1. try this.

      Building a community where everyone can discuss about stocks & share investing knowledge together.

      Everyone has a right to their opinion but please do your own due diligence too.

      Send this invitation link to your friends! https://t.me/InvestorsExchange