Jun 13, 2019

Cory Diary : Market Euphoria on Reits ?

Market today continues to plough into Reits euphoria. This pushes Portfolio to new high. The story seems to continue. However 2 things need to be cautious. G20 and Fed. Hopefully none will break this rising rhythm as I previously mentioned the gap between risk free rates such as SSB and stable returns of strong Reits. This is still hold true so far.

With money sitting in cash management account coupled with saving banks, opting to max out SSB is a growing option. But this could slow down my portfolio growth for years to come due to compounding effect. This logic holds true for people who sell most and took profits. Once we do that, coming back is aren't easy.

Investment is a long game. Portfolio growth is a priority. Unless we see cliff right in front of us, derailing may not be wise so one would prefer to stay invested. Right now earning is still coming in, continue monitoring. Wish me luck.



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