Jun 22, 2019

Cory Diary : HRnetGroup 2019-0622


Today price is $0.675. Is a gap down together with quite a number of counters last Friday. Probably the market get winds of Trump eventual strikes on Iran. Fortunately, it didn't. Personally, I feel it could ignite a war as Iran is not like Libya or Syria who are just the receiving ends.

I have been monitoring this counter for some time after I sold my positions. Reason as following LinkHowever, a number of local investors swore to it. 

Initiated (update: informed) a small position in 2017-1214. Sold informed 2019-0226. Transactions as below table.

Did a collection for the 3 years record. Applied XIRR. Results as above.

Kopi money. So far I make the right decision for myself and also reducing a counter to manage for my limited bandwidth.



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