May 19, 2019

Cory Diary : Net Worth 20190519

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The key change after 3.5 months are my Net Property Asset. Definition is the value of my property minus outstanding loan. This is then added to my Net Worth. The way to obtain value of my property is to access URA website for recent transacted values in $psf. And then do a conservative estimate of what my property value be if I have to sell it today.

Other changes includes increase in Singapore Saving Bond holdings (SSB) and increase in equity valuation due to capital gains. Both % figures hold well but SSB still reduces slightly in % wise. More cash today in my investment account and the unrealised gains from stocks outweighs the net sales. Dividends are straight into cash.

Despite that, saving reduced in % wise. Mainly because I have just paid my tax.  Proportionate  decrease due to significant increase in property net value. Slightly higher spending due to new cost for nanny. 



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