May 31, 2019

Cory Diary : Housing Leverage

Just want to share something from my personal experience on housing.

Used to own HDB Maisonette years ago and sold it for slightly more than 100K profit only to see it go for another after. As I am often based overseas, decided to acquire a Private home later if I decide to return for good.

Here's my previous thoughts. How my thinking change over time and steps I took.

1. Link on My Home in Year 2014
This basically say how I felt about rising property prices is not helping us socially. Rising price.

2. Link on Shrinking and Integrated Property in Year 2015
With prices running above income, shrinking property size. Value of integrated property thoughts. The situation.

3. Link on Money in Gaming in Year 2015
Money is continuously shrinking. The inflation.

4. Link on Million Dollar home in Year 2017
In  Year 2013 I blogged about $1M home goal which post I have moved to draft to clean up.
However my 2017 article basically summaries. Acted.

With that, I realised that it does not make sense for me to hold Gold as property can be a good hedge against inflation.  In Year 2019 today, my value of my home has increased by 25% approximately. This is based on current similar property price on location and estate. As is only 20% down with roughly 5% expenses.  Maybe I can do a similar XIRR on the returns and it works out about 21% annually. Kind of surprise.

This explain the power of housing leverage unlike typical stock investment. The other benefit is the diversification from stock market.


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