May 1, 2019

Cory Diary : Trading Attributes ?

I remember vaguely 20 years ago as a fresh graduate trying to dabble in stock market. Days where returns can be 100% returns of my small investment within few months. I would often tried the warrants which are quite popular too. Don't get me wrong. Any monkey would have make a profit throwing darts. Making money was that easy. It was broker days.

Quickly moved on to reading Annual Reports and getting NTA mainly after. My vision scope is the value of the company if to fail as a baseline. And from there to find value. Right from the start in my investment journey, my return started with positive returns. I was searching for mathematical correlation.

Fast forward today. Warrants are now an alien culture to me. I am still in positive net returns amid much stronger net returns. This days I try to simplify my investment. If is too complex to understand, forget about value methodology. Macro deduction will be used instead. Reits and Trusts are much easier to size up. Management Integrity, Future and DPU.

However I still have the gambling blood in me. On and off I will dabble in speculative positions but is relatively small in size. Today I got a few statistics in my finger tips below. Trying to see short term trading still make sense. Maybe is better to spend more time for other activities to keep my blood boiled.

Year 2019 YTD ( Book value at 31 Dec 2018 till now which is 4 months )
(updated for privacy) 

Can't tell much about trading performance so far as is tied to investment capital size. What we can say is that it is almost double current dividends received for the period. Portfolio unrealized return is more than 4 times of Trading P/L. 

Dividends, Trading Profit, Non-Trading Profit are in the Ratio of 1:2:8 respectively.  Expense Ratio : 0.19% . 35 trades for the 4 months period. 

Looks like better in dividend investing and spotting undervalue stocks through it. Does that means trading performance is bad ? Portfolio Yield is 10%. STI would be slightly better.

You tell me how to read the above data to deduce. Free money certainly.



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