Sep 8, 2018

Cory Diary : Update on Trades 2018-0908

Singapore Saving Bond

Plan to apply for another switch in Singapore Saving Bond ( SSB ). Can't help it as is more than 20% up from a year ago. As last time, I expect the switch to be quite straight forward. Recall the bond I want this month and applied for the coming one same time. Unless we see significant jump in interests from SSB, this should be the last batch near term.


Yes, it has been recalled. Vested in this for 7 years of varying amount. Total return is about 15k.
It will take some time for the capital to be returned to my account. Decided to replace some of the "Dividend Gap" with Ascendas Reit giving about 6% due to recent placement news. I thought is a good opportunity.
Price may go lower but I don't think it will affects much long term since it is a stable large reit.

My foray into US market is not smooth sailing this week. CEO was arrested on rape allegations. He was allowed to leave without bail. So I will hold on to it for now.

That's all I can quickly remember !


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