Sep 5, 2018

Cory Diary : Investment in Personal Time

One of my team member's father passed away yesterday in his office. We were in shock as his father is only 53. The primary cause speculated was Work Related Stress. While we strives for higher income or financial independence, first rule of investment probably should be to make sure we can take care of our family and ourselves well. And this kind of capped our limit on how much we can push our goals. However we must never lose sight of healthy lifestyle. Investment in our own personal time is equally important.

Just recently my team scored above 90% in Company survey in overall key score on employee feedback on favorable responses. This is 6% above from last year and about 20% ahead in company average. I am pleased because we are in Best-in-Class Category. There are many questions asked in the survey but not all is used to compute the key measurement score. That's do not mean those questions asked that do not have the weight-age in it is not important but more due to relevancy. One of such question asked is Work Life Balance. We hit 96% Positive and remaining 4% above average on this one.

Some people maybe skeptical on such survey but based on my experience this gives management a good indication on where the company and teams are heading. And what we should focus on in the future to direct it. Happy Employees Happy Profits. Over the years my management style has changed on reflection of such surveys as well. This is my 15th I think. Every-time I look at newly promoted manager, deep in my heart i know it will take him a decade probably to catch up without mentor / guidance in people management because I saw it all.



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