Sep 9, 2018

Cory Diary : PRC Market Crash 2.0

Shanghai Composite Index closed 2702. The last time we see this level was in 2011. Trade War certainly takes it tolls on them while DJIA is at the opposite 26,000 high range. STI Index is impacted as well. The last time this happens  was in 2015 when PRC market crashed. So if PRC market decides to have major shake up next time, I should know what to do. Don't blur for the 3rd time ... well I dunno  :)

That's the risk of market. We just have to manage it. Now, if STI index is to pickup, where should I be in ? Banks I think. And what I should avoid ? Probably Property related counters. The curb this time is 一針見血.



  1. Buy on fear, sell on greed.
    So now can start planning to buy and buying bit by bit as things get lower.
    Safe buys is the STI itself?

    1. Consider my self conservative because I do hold a lot of cash. One of the reason is due to property installments purpose (kiasi of me). I could only share my situation and what I will do. As I am working, if market go lower, I would use most of earned income to buy more. Not sure how much though. But i will use my current saving (warchest) till the situation comes. I do remember 2008 GFC, low can go much much lower. STI is much safer buy also lesser gain. I think this is tied to Singapore so I will have to remember this.