Sep 20, 2018

Cory Diary : Radar Chart 2018-0920

There are currently 24 stocks in my portfolio. Reit/Tr allocation about 51%. They help to support the portfolio yield to 4.7% at least for now. Probably 5% if we includes the US stocks tracked here. Hardly need to monitor many of my stocks in the portfolio now. Primary focus or should I say most of my investment time spend is for new stock, and for the 9 Reit/Trusts for special announcements other than counting dividends received. haaaa

Keppel added. Sold ST Engineering on sudden spike. No longer vested in Sheng Siong. Has seen awesome returns for the pass few years.  Moving forward, I would probably find time to up my stakes in existing Reits/Trusts which has lower exposure but timing has to be right.

5% yield portfolio is nothing to shout about. There are room to improve with stability in mind. Capital gains are much harder for me. Well, maybe except Creative which I enjoy large gain in a day contra. I like to use this logic. If a stock able to give 4%-7% yield annually without much DPU reduction or maybe some increase, and there aren't fundamental deterioration in the business, stock price doesn't matters. I like to repeat to myself again ... STOCK PRICE doesn't matters !

Will I ever get it ?


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