Apr 8, 2017

Cory Diary : You get what you measured - Cory Sample Portfolio Stock List

When first started investment in stock market, we likely deal with one or two stocks. The idea is to get a feel of stock trading. The mechanics. The excitement. In a Bull market, we will see proportional gigantic returns. Stock picks are probably Tips or from Newspaper reading.

After manage to save sizable sum for larger bets, this increase my stock punch or have a wider stock selections. Still can't bear any significant losses. Soon the start of reading Annual Report. This phase last the longest.

As the fund continues to grow, looked for stability in exchange for lower returns. Predictability has price. And slowly expand to portfolio level of management. In this aspect, we see thinks in more macro investment level and soon managing risks using Preference Shares, Bonds, Index and speculative positions. There is lesser excitement and always reading to find way to spruce up the investment.

Cory Portfolio some point in time

10% Max seems about right for each entity. And increased diversification from 20 to about 30 range. Currently I am still doing more than 100 trades a year so the change seems can be quite drastic since i do multiple buys and sells for a stock. The goal will be more dividends focus and stabilize my investment fever. 

At the next phase, I should be looking for optimization of asset in performance measure. This will means including CPF and FD/Cash into the Performance equation. Obviously this will bring the overall score down further. It is what it is. However my absolute return will climbs and that's what matter. Portfolio yield will be secondary though still important.


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