Apr 9, 2017

Cory Diary : The Lazy, The Dumb, The Struggle and The Greedy

Singapore is one of unique in the world where we have thousands of thousands in millionaire bracket without need to take risk in setting up business ourselves to be one. They are untapped potentials that financial funds always try to ZAP. Is not unheard of where hundreds of thousands HeartLanders were "Scammed" by Bank RMs, Insurance Agents, Property Agents, Business Investment or purely true scams.

"The Lazy" - those who do nothing. They leave their cash in cash or fixed deposits. The most some guaranteed "fixed deposit". Those that are Truly guaranteed. Not those lehman or mini-bond ...
Many also got hook-winded early by "Skirts" to buy Saving Type of Insurances Products. Investment-linked Insurance products.They are the first to clear their property loans. And also likely the one who will have heartbreak lossing $10 in a gamble. Stock market is vice in their atmosphere.

"The Dumb" - They may meddle in currency deposits. Get into Unit Trust and pay fat commission with poor or negative returns.A few got into transferring out their money for true scams and people still wondering why the government has to locked CPF to secure base line sane to us. They play stock market like in guerrilla warfare. Hit and Run is their game. No shit, some do strikes 4D.

"The Struggle" - Get into the Stock game. Some enjoyed the gambling in certain counters. Others in for more stable returns. Some thoughts blue chips mean passive. And the variant types get into Indexes, Preference Shares or Bonds within the equity sphere. The more savvy one make use of their CPF but most aren't and for the record most lose money. A number in the Blogging world hit jackpots and so are one who wield a Russian design Machine Gun or should i say an investment priest that has god of fortune double up on his back. In this abyss, even a Crazy Monk can be a top trader so why can't Bully Tutor be not included. But only Freedom Fighter has them documented and got historic recognition. The last but not the least,  I have to give the hand in the top prize to the story teller of the sages who has moats in his defenses where research and information flows.

"The Greedy" - Played the property game. Flipping like a dolphin. Some venture oversea for Forex and challenge thrusts. The lucky few got into Businesses. Most probably got burned. The rich got bruised only. The really rich few got foreclosure notice coming with huge headlines. And they are still many times over in wealth than average doe. A few tried theirs hands in high risk bonds and the fake rich leveraged and get banged.

Like souls moving through realms, where am I .... is a question at the point of time.


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