Apr 22, 2017

Cory Diary : Quality of Life

I often seen posts on best place to retire. Be it daily necessity, bills or health care. One of the primary reason is cost. Frankly I think this people get it all wrong.

The Best Place to retire is where Love is. Where friends are. Where Home is. Going to faraway land, cheap and lower standard of hygiene ... that's escapism. Out of no choice. Desperation. Worst still, alone. Sorry if I poke too hard. Is a poke anyway. Greener pasture is always on the other side till you are on the other side.

Of course there are always exception so for these people, be relieved there is an escapism mental route for your reasoning. But I know deep in my heart, when I died, I like my grave, ash or whatsoever to be near home of my birth just like our elders who were from China they want to go back to mainland and visit their childhood days.

For average doe in Singapore, who are willing to work for a decent living, manage your saving and invest prudently, frankly is not hard at home. The most expensive is housing and compared to many countries, locally is relatively way better and cheaper for same quality of estate, environment, law, safety, medical and salary scale. We also have the option to rent like many people do in others countries as well which are a norm there. It boils down to expectation.

I have a single friend, who are wealthy enough to buy a small Condo but instead go for 3 room hdb. I question why not a 5 room but to him 3 room is just what he needs. And he decides from day one not to drive which save another huge sum of expenses and hardly affects his life. Personally to me he is a little too frugal but what am I to him ?

My Country, My Home.

BTW is a Poke. To make myself think on my reasoning,. I will never ... hopefully ... due to mainly cost.




  1. Haha thanks to escapism mentality of our ancestors, we are here in little red dot. Else we may still be in some China village ... or maybe billionaire tycoons in Shenzhen... ??? Who knows? So our descendants may praise or curse us for our actions many generations down the road hahaha!

    1. Don't get me wrong. Our ancestor "escape" for Better Quality of Life. They wouldn't if is for retirement. Some of their descendants escape for Retirement today. And this is what I am coming at, is it Better Quality of Life over there ?