Apr 19, 2017

Cory Diary : Job Replacement

Recently one of my staff move on. I am happy for her. Truly. What interesting is after. I need to request for replacement. What surprise me is that my business HR want me to justify why I need replacement which to me suppose to be routine re-fill of position.

Mind you, the company is doing well. So in my head is why are we spending time doing this needless exercise. We have hundreds/thousands of employees. As long is within business allocation of headcounts, why are we doing such. After a month, the replacement request got approved.

If every business or stock I invested in, their Business HR inside are doing this, I am a happy shareholder because I know the business watch their cost regardless of market condition.

Take heel, HR !



  1. I look at it differently. Headcount replacement within the organisation is set.
    So no value is added by taking extra time & effort to write up the justification,
    ok if the replacement process involves only filling up a simple form to get
    formal replacement approval. When the the business situation changes, the GM
    or VP may want to void the replacement (eg No replacement in next 3 months)

    So having the business HR (Human Resources) to ask for replacement justification
    is kind of waste of resources. I think HR should be spending times & effort
    to focus on finding the good & right candidate instead.

    1. Are you in this arena ? Can share your company profile ? I can show it to them. :-)

  2. Even better if HR question & double-check why need existing headcount?? Who are you, who is this staff, why need him/her, what profits he/she brought in?? Cost benefit analysis. E.g. some staff indeed very good, but too expensive. Unless the company will die without him/her, better value to get lower salary and above average, no need the best.