Jan 23, 2023

Cory Diary : Life Style Creep Part 2

This is continuation of earlier post on Life Style creeps expenses running out of control. ( link ). With the year ended for 2022. 2nd Half data collected for analysis for comparison to 1st Half data.

There are some costs taken out for relative comparison. For example Home Loan and Insurance as they kind of covered from corresponding returns from it. If we  include them the expenses will be way above the data listed in the table.

The expenses reduction for 2H 2022 is about $11,614 which kind of much more than the saving planned from 1H 2022. One for the key reason is structural saving from Nanny expenses when my elder go nursery. Credit cards expenses came down which has most of my daily expense in it. Have not run through the details but I suspect medical cost, some food and transport.

In a nutshell, expenses came down 11% comparing 2H'22 to 1H'22. However YoY, is still up 12.7%.  There maybe some accounted due to inflation however quite certain there are family lifestyle developed which we can't go back easily.


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