Nov 14, 2022

Cory Diary : This is the One !

For a long while I have been hoping for a correction so that I can scope in low to expand my dividend size that I could collect annually. What I didn't tell myself is that this could also mean the whole portfolio has to go down with it to fetch it.

Obviously on hindsight we should sell and buy back later before the correction. However I am not qualify to be a god. We could try some but to risk the entire portfolio do requires god mode level. So my take is considering most of the stocks picked are quality stocks of strong sustainable DPU at least in my own perspectives we can just ride it out.

We have gone through Covid, Inflation, Ukraine War, China Tech/Edu Clamp down, China Property Crisis, Tesla/Elon/Twitter Volatility, China Drought, Zero Covid, Rate Hikes, Liz Truss Saga, Weak Yen and Supply Chain issues. Each with severe punch below the belt on the Portfolio and each could be classified as Black Swan Events of varying degree. That's through a len of negativity. And maybe more to come.

Hold on, isn't that exactly what we dividend investors wanted to be able to increase our dividends meaningfully maybe just not so many swans .... ? Last count annual dividend has exploded up by almost 40% with constant minute size injection as the market crumbles. If the absolute number maintained, the annual income could be insane at personal level. That's a golden opportunity for a 10% dent on the portfolio which is cheap vs Global Financial Crisis.

The only real issue I have concern is Right Issue with deep discount and to minimize this there are few ways I need to be prepared for it. 


1. SSB
2. Multiplier
3. Cash Saving / FD

As for averaging down, i have been focusing only on stocks that likely will not give deep discount so that we can skip the subscription if needed. Cash is King now and want to use it wisely without added risk. This averaging down routine could be now over since I last blogged on inflation movement which turn out as expected. ( link ). Hopefully we can enjoy the ride back up till year end.


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