Oct 15, 2022

Cory Diary : US Sept Inflation Rate

Market enters a terrible week again. Even though is far from Mar'20 flash crash, seeing the correction this week is still a reminder to us how market can tame us all.

US Inflation is closely watched that drives the market. Inflation rate for September 2022: 8.2%. CPI up by 0.4%. If we look at below chart, the drop is just 0.1% so still quite elevated.

What is not obvious is how to interpret the chart. Decided to look for another chart and draw up my analysis as below. The key highlight is the Rate of Inflation and YoY comparison.

My Home Work. Make sense ?

Expecting Oct'22 Inflation report to be much lower than 8.2% however Expectation is still the key on how much is enough. Since expectation is lower, we could see a continuous market run up prior to the report due to higher spike in Oct'21 and rate down trend prior to Oct'22'.

10th Nov will be exciting to watch. If the market react as expected before the result, I would take some off the table as mitigation. Hope I make sense so far.

What is the downside ? The last serious drawdown is in Mar 2020. If we use Ascendas as a reference,

there is about another 40 pts to go to hit that bottom. That's after more than 28% drop from all time high in 2020 excluding dividends. Assuming DPU not significantly impacted and with serious correction already happened that will be a solid entry point. Personally I don't think it will happen as explained on inflation projection but we should never say never as is just projection coupled with market reactions can varies.

Is possible to see 5%-6% inflation range by year end and don't get me wrong that we are happy with it. Even if this range happened, it could last a few more months before we can do another lower estimate assuming no significant macro events reason being the comparison year 2021 months on YOY basis is relatively low.


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