Nov 10, 2022

Cory Diary : Hedge of Cory Portfolio

This is more like after thoughts for perfection. In the portfolio we have few stocks in this turbulent times. Namely DBS, Sheng Siong, Netlink BNB Trust and recently addition of Comfortdelgro.
They likely to do well or ok with higher rates. DBS for ability to benefit from higher interest income is a given. This is further confirmed from their management.

Sheng Siong is a recession proof stock for basic necessity. They are the more attractive place to go when things get tougher for everyone.

Netlink bnb Trust for a long time has concern with their fee structure renewal with lowering interest rates in the past. What a change now with rising rate. Recently they have also taken step to ensure continue investment into building and therefore improving their future returns stability on fees.

Lastly, Comfortdelgro which has been driven down in price. It has already been mentioned on sustainable model when come to transportation. So fees will keep pace with cost.

In-addition to above equity portfolio, renewing SSB batches to further improve the interest income is also a good choice on different investment layers.

Finally able to pen down my thoughts. Cheers.


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