Jul 9, 2022

Cory Diary : SSB Application and Strategy

For people who are still New to this. SSB is called Singapore Savings Bonds. This is not Treasury or Singapore Bond. Is issued by Singapore Government monthly and will last for 10 years. The total amount of all issues that we can buy is currently limited to $200k.

If we look up in DBS Bank Internet website as an example, we go to the investment applications.

And you select Singapore Savings Bonds.

And then select the issue available.

This issue is attractive for me as I sold some last month to be ready for possible market crash. It doesn't happen or yet. So I am buying back some each month as time goes.

Secondly, the rate for the newer issue is much better. Average 3%.

Thirdly, I can sell and buy anytime. Max 1 month lead time. $2 fee.

Hopes this help for those who are New to this.


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