Jul 27, 2022

Cory Diary : FCT Q3 2022 After Thoughts

Frasers Centrepoint Trust just reported their result for the 3rd Q. Is a business update and there is no dividend as it is given out on half yearly basis. I wanted to do coverage of the result but after going through it frankly there is not much yet said or explored that is significant to mention.

The business is solid as a rock and well oiled. Providing key services and infrastructure need for Singaporean Lifestyle. And they are probably at the right balance and just have to keep rolling. The Rent looks ok per CBRE Research.

At 5.2% yield this is still much better than CPF or SSB. Obviously, there are risk in Equity and that is where portfolio management comes in to manage them. Taking our head off about stock and just thinking about having this business as yours. With the current business report and the services they provide, do we want to be part owner of it ?

Nice Spread Out of Assets

Like many businesses I owned FCT through stocks and is one worthy slot in my portfolio.



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