Jul 22, 2022

Cory Diary : F.I.R.E - Financial Independence Retire Early

There are many ways to Rome and therefore different people different strokes. Being FIRE and retiring early doesn't mean we cannot do some work we like. It just gives us more options while fulfilling our personal goals.

Current Cory Plan

Layering Strategy is still emotional preferred way for me. Lesser stress and something to do !

- CPF ( RA = FRS at age 55 )
- SSB ( Max )
- Multipliers ( Max )
- Equity Dividends ( sizeable portfolio more than 1M )
- Equity Growth
- Rental Income

Plan B

For above not everything will be perfect and if specific goal failed or changed, there needs to be adjustment aka modification below depending on needs.

Modification 1 : Part time work maybe 500 to 1k monthly
- This is low hanging fruit if we just miss a little monthly income to supplement. It can be from hobby.

Modification 2 : Down grade Apartment to Studio or 3 rm
- Downgrade of lifestyle but still acceptable to lower expense and boost additional cash

Modification 3 : Hit/maintain Senior Position in current work that requires experience than time
- Significant Compensation and likely have Ample Lifestyle


Currently prefer just Modification 3 as option upon age 55. The reason simply of my expertise in my current work and strong compensation renumeration on efficiency return of income. Time is precious. Obviously it can provides uplift in living standard to family.

There are other options such as renting out rooms, lowering expenses, migration, 1M65 etc. This is not preferred personally but it can be good for others depending on their situation.


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  1. Downgrade to 3room or studio. Egough space for your family?

    1. Studio or 3 rm likely way after retirements when the kids have their own. For just after retirement probably 4 rm.