Mar 31, 2022

Cory Diary : Tracking a counter trading information

Often we rely on broker apps to track trading information. For me I like to have key information all in a page that I can work with on my notebook with what i needs in excel. This give me a good view o how to plan and be successful in managing my portfolio.

This counter is in a group page. As you can see, only Microsoft as they are grouped by counter. Won't be going through the details. Basically it track forex, initial cost, cash holding type when sold, YTD P/L, Lifetime P/L, average cost YTD, Profit yield by XIRR or Initial cost depending on situation, each transaction and corporate action, recent dividend history, profit types etc ...

The good thing about in excel setup is that we can change the format as we wish and link them to multiple sheets for automation for charting, net worth etc. I also use this to cross check broker settlement information and cashflow. The whole setup is simple as it uses standard excel functionality.


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