Mar 13, 2022

Cory Diary : How long will Ukraine War last ?

What is the scenario where everything can go wrong in an Invasion ?
We probably can see it in this Ukraine War.

Russian armoured column fleeing after a few hits


Putin managed to unite OTHERS. ( Sarcastic )

EU is United
US Democrats and Republicans are United
Ukraine is United

Crumbling Economic Sanctions on Russia

Germany Freeze new oil pipeline from Russia indefinitely
Ukraine received thousands of advanced Anti-Tank and Anti-Air Weapons from many countries
Russia under significant economic sanction from many governments and private sectors
EU agreed to allow Ukraine to join
Russian oligarchs asset frozen
Russia Oversea fund freezes for war reparation
Foreign companies pulling out of Russia
Russian Citizens in foreign countries in Europe were discriminated
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Paypal Blocked in Russia


Russia military equipment are quite old
Russia military supply lines are cut
Russia units are not fighting as a force
Many bombs hit civilians targets
Significant air, armor and personnel losses just in 2 weeks
Russian soldiers are poorly equipped and poor morale
Dirty strategy of attacking civilians are well documented

Communication Devices

First time Star-link enabled to support Ukraine. Never before in a war.
Many footages of the war are captured by mobile phones showing many casualties of Russian Aircrafts, tanks and soldiers.
A lot of Propaganda on both sides

This War can end quickly but will this be a wasted opportunity ?


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