Jan 3, 2022

Cory Diary : Dividend Report 2021

This is added post to yesterday financial report.

For Year 2021, Dividend received is $53,431 which is slightly lower than Year 2020. This is mainly due to selling stocks before Ex-Dividend and Buying stocks in the 2nd half of the year where most stocks are already Ex-Dividend. Accumulated dividend is $434,000 and if we include delist distribution will be $486,000. The trend of increasing dividend will continue to be maintained.

For Year 2022, the current planned dividend will be $65,000. This year Fed may raise interest rate which typically put pressure on Reits however the portfolio will continue to ride it out as long they have pricing power. The main concern will be Interest Rate initiated Recession. And if this happens, high yield Reit tends to suffer more than others. 

If we reinvest $60,000 annually @5% will be $3000 increase in dividend. Depending on yield maybe higher or lower. The rest of balance will come from dividend growth and capital recycle/injection. Every year is different and may react differently.


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  1. Hi Cory,

    Thanks for the sharing. Wow! Very impressive dividends! Just wondering if you hold any local bank stocks since Fed is raising interest rates?


    1. Yes, I do. Largest profit is from Bank follow by Tesla for 2021. I mentioned in my earlier article.