Jan 16, 2022

Cory Diary : Investment Allocation Updates

It has been a year since foraying into Growth Stocks. The journey last year has been nothing but exciting for a dividend investor. The Growth/Tech stocks have gone up and down in numbers. Currently only holding mainly on Tesla with a little in Alibaba. Taking a snapshot of today allocation as Tesla will be communicating the Q4 result in about 1 week. The shipment number has been very strong so far. Relative to entire portfolio, US Growth Stock is less than 10%. I think this has reach a limit on how much I can go on this segment as it is highly concentrated in Tesla.

The portfolio is still mainly Reits occupying almost 50% generating about 62K-65k dividends annually spread across 8 counters. The current yield of the portfolio is about 4.6% excluding CPF and Gov Security. CPF is about 16% and is tracked here as it has been growing to replace the corporate bond segment.

The bank has been gradually reducing in stages. Right now only left 2.2%. Hopefully I have the opportunity to build back to reasonable level. Currently investment account cash level has risen to 13% of the portfolio. There is no additional injection so far this year as I have move saving cash to Top-Up CPF in January. One more year to go before 55.

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