Jan 21, 2021

Cory Diary : Value Notebook to continue my Investing Journey

My Struggle

Old workhorse that helps me to earn hundred of thousands will be decommissioned from active duty. The keyboard was broken with the caps falling apart for a few years already but I was reluctant to repair or change instead I spend like $25 bucks on a wireless keyboard as workaround. On/Off the wireless will stop functioning but due to the SSD drive, the reboot often fixes it quickly.

The machine is HP Folio 13.3" for 7.5 Years. Slightly more than $1k as it was an exhibition set for already 6 months. Yeah I am that "Value". Weight about 1.5kg which is quite heavy for mobility use. My back not helping. And then the SDD is only 100GB which in today standard is not enough. Period. 

I also did a self-upgrade on the memory. It was a harrowing experience because I basically have to tear the machine apart to slot in the new memory stick which is behind the mainboard. Finally got it working and when I put them altogether, I found a few screws to spare that I decided to do away. Maybe I should add a badge for putting humpty dumpty back again on my blog wall.

I have been struggling how to manage it every time there is a major app installation considering Windows OS easily takes up more than 70% of it spaces. The software was upgraded on courtesy of Microsoft from Win 7 to Win 10 even though I preferred the older version. The touchpad is hard to use. I am not sure was it after long years of service or what, as I could not remember but mouse is a must to navigate around the workspace.

Finally, as is a consumer unit, the screen is very crisp, it lit very well and so are the reflection. The brightness getting more and more intolerable. Often I feel my eyes aging on me. The last straw is the power adapter is connecting loose to the machine. It will slips out if I move my notebook a little and need to remind myself to ensure is plugged as the battery aren't pristine anymore. I guess the friction is gone.

Delay Gratification

HP ProBook AMD Ryzen 13.3" 

Despite record returns in 2019 I did not budge. Decided during Covid Year that if I do get a decent profit I will seriously consider to get a new computer and I achieved. With the amount of time facing the computer, there is list of requirements.

1. It has to be SSD drive. Speed of booting up is superb but most importantly the media reliability. How often has hard drives failed on us and we loose everything.

2. 1TB sounds good. A 10x upgrade. I would be happy to pay a little extra for 2TB if there is a SKU for it but there aren't for the range I am looking at.

3. Long battery life like more than a day. At least can last my "World Tour" in flight.

4. Click feel keyboard to register my feel.

5. No Built-in ODD of-course . I want it slim and light ! 1 Kg is nice. I painted this exact goal by the way. Just want to be able to carry around with me even to the Everest climb I think.

6. Display with little reflection. Eyes are important. The size has to be 13.3" for my preference.

7. CPU speed that allows me to game like AK ! Forget about Intel. I want AMD for the Class. I feel the Emperor has been dethroned.

8. Type C USB for charging is the norm nowadays which is what I wanted.

9. Ya has to be Windows. We have a love hatred relationship. But I am not a Mac guy. Is too late to re-learn for me for better or worst.

10, Fast USB speed. This will save a lot of time backing up and transferring data. Time is money especially when we are dealing with GBs of data to manage. No clouds for me but maybe I will evolve later.

And I found HP ProBook 13" AMD Ryzen 7 4750U 16GB 1TB / Win 10 Pro. It comes with fingerprint sensor. I blocked off the cam on first use and disabled the location. I also prepared a recovery USB drive immediately. Fortunately, the touchpad feel is good without need for a mouse. For $1.8k I think this is a Value Buy. Happy Buy, Happy Man, Happy Investing. My dear says finally.

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  1. Hi Cory!
    How is your experience so far with the HP ProBook AMD laptop? Where did you buy it in SG? Thanks.

    1. SSD is great. Boot up / Shut super fast. It uses type C charges. No hang up so far. touch wood. The display is matt which is what I want for my eyes as it looks like paper print. But if you like the shiny type then this is not. Of the finger print takes a feel tries to recognise. So I register multiple users of same ME to reduce login tries. I use Google chrome btw.