Jan 23, 2021

Cory Diary : Trading Records 2021-0122

A little motivated with my new Notebook and keeps looking to squeeze out time to play with in-between chores. One of my favorite app is Chrome Browser and for some reason my tradingview chart aren't showing the numeric values. After figuring out for some time decided to re-install the Chrome browser and without full screen extension. Looks like problem resolved. Phew. Now I will continue my trade reports.

CICT reported their number. Looks like it doesn't meet market expectation and there is some shading. I have some stakes in the stock for long term so kind of amuse with the market sentiment since they are still in rebate mode. It has rebound quite an amount recent weeks since adding some more shares at low below $2 last year. When I look at the TA, looks like it has hit the peak. I refused to sell and this caused me to lose some capital gains. Reduced some today as I soon realised my exposure has been quite much now and this allows me to re-deploy some of the funds. I still hold a good amount but no longer blink when I see my galaxy chart. It is still a recovery counter but I think it may take some rest before moving forward again. Singapore and Malls cannot go away.

Sheng Siong has shown indication of good result by the amount of bonus they have declared for their staffs. So is in a hunch that I think their result probably is good so decided to add some more to my current position. Is still relatively small. But for a portfolio of mainly banks, Reits and some blue chips, they are welcome addition. I use to hold quite an amount in this counter and profit wise is one of the best preforming after Singtel during it's heyday. I like the business as they are not only profitable but also a household name. One thing I find excited of Sheng Siong is that their online business which complement their overall fulfillment. Looks like they are well managed.

There are a few stocks which are really hot in the SG market right now. iFast, Nanofilm, SGX, ... and there are also quite a number of penny stocks animated to my dismay. While the more established stocks can be hyped, they are still good business fundamentally behind it whereas penny stocks always give me the impression that they are heavily manipulated through forum, news or analyst reports. When things start to die down, retailers again will likely be hanging up there dried ... . Anyway I decided to buy Nanofilm to satisfy my itchy fingers.

Finally, I did a quick Buy/Sell trades on Boustead for kopi. Decided not to hold another "Reit" like counter since I have much of them. People who get them hope for a further re-valuation. I decided not to wait.


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