Jan 27, 2021

Cory Diary : CPF - My First VC3AC

As remembered, after completed all my Voluntary Housing Refund (VHF), the money goes into CPF OA. ( VHF is to return all the money loan from my CPF OA account to buy housing ) .

To get higher interests, I have it moved to CPF SA which has Max limit of 186K (FRS). This is through CPF OA to SA Transfer. There is still a little room for more and as earlier blogged, after selling my Singtel discounted shares, the money also go to CPF OA. I have it moved to max out to current CPF FRS allowed.

Then after, to increase my SA further allowed other than through Salary Income, I will need to proceed with Voluntary Contribution to my 3 Accounts (VC3AC). There is no tax benefits for this step. The key benefit is to get access to CPF SA 4% Interests. The ratio distributed to my CPF accounts are as follows.

Now at age 51, I am in golden age group where my top up matters if I want to focus on CPF SA. The max limits allowed is $37740 including Mandatory Contribution (MC) from income such as salary. With SA allocation as above chart at 31.08% of every dollar top-up. I can do this for 5 years till age 55.

And I did my first VC3AC as follow.

The ratio is as expected. And this can be seen when we login to the CPF website from above chart. So my CPF SA will now be 186K + 1473.19 = 187473.19.

One thing to note is that if CPF MA hits BHS limit, the excess of it will flow in CPF OA per my understanding. "Once CPF members reach age 65, their BHS will be fixed for the rest of their lives. The prevailing BHS is $63,000, and will be adjusted yearly. "

Final note if we exceed annual limit of $37740 due to VC3AC, it will be refunded without interests. So if we are still getting MC for rest of the year, you will exceed if Top-Up already maxed.


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