Jun 9, 2020

Cory Diary : Sector Allocation May '20

Prior to the Bank run up recently, I was a little over allocated in Bank segment. This is in consideration of STI Index as well as some of the shares that are in trading. So it was traded off when the bank did the initial run up. This increase a little bit of cash which I have some allocated elsewhere. As we know now, banks continue to run up.

Unsurprisingly, the performance between Portfolio against index narrowed a little but just a little to about 14.5% gap. The bank weight-age if I could remember is about 26% of STI Index whereas Cory Portfolio after consideration of Index shares will be lesser than 15%. Fortunately the broad classification on Services, and Reits segment also register some good run up. 

One thing I did in Year 2020 is to ensure I have enough representation in Banks which unfortunately met Covid-19. With the yield that high and looks more sustainable, it makes sense to hold it over others. It gets tough to increase the allocation now despite relative good yield. 


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