Jun 6, 2020

Cory Diary : Market Recovery

Market Recovery

We just have the steepest decline in STI in March. And when Circuit Breaker (CB) kicks in and enormous Covid-19 packages to support the economy,  is already on purpose that we will not have V-Shape recovery simply because it was once extended and now follow by gradual openings. So the Index is also more like an "L-shaped" with a bias elevation for gradual recovery as below STI Index chart. With Index at -14.5% and judge by recent just one week 6% recovery, is not impossible that at the ending part to be a "Slanted U-Shaped" though chances are the probability is lesser.

This week Banks make major recovery, though the banks segment in my portfolio is smaller is still a large part of the portfolio, and it just flows with it though slightly slower.  As today, Cory Performance YTD is back to positive by a hairline of 0.02% to be exact and 14.5% above Index (excluding index 1st half div). Theoretical max annual div $59k. Key stocks that I can remember off-hand are Ascendas, CMT, DBS, OCBC. STI Index, Netlink, CRCT .... which totaled about 20 stocks.

Market Relapse

The market may face a situation as we are opening up that we could see spikes in Covid-19 community cases but will we have to return to "CB" again ? Personally I think is unlikely we will face a spike similar to dormitories infection scale in the country. As previously mentioned, we have learned how to manage it through social distancing and mask. Neither will it be tenable for the country to go through CB again and another round of same Covid support packages. It will also be a little embarrassing for the ruling party to face coming election with confidence. 

What this mean is the economy has to continue to open. And if there is major cluster infections, we will have to ride through it. How to work around this with other countries will be tricky. So the economy will churn on. Many of us who can will probably continue to Work-from-Home ( WFH ) to void major cluster happening in Offices. However, most of the businesses such as Show Gallery, Malls and Restaurants are likely to stay open. 

A historical day for Cory of finally breaking even in Investment for 2020. Great day for Dividend Investing and staying vested. Hopefully it will last ! I am sure many others do too. As I type, DJIA staged near 1K point recovery above 27K in trading hour due to better job figures. Looks like Trump may have what he wanted.



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