Jun 30, 2020

Cory Diary : Re-Balance Strategy

Saw this Video by John ( link )on impact of Covid-19 to people in West getting evicted. The impact on economy is so great and wide to everyone, relative to people that die from it is relatively small in percentage. Hopefully common sense prevail and strike a good balance. What can we do to avoid it in the first place not to run out of money ?

There is this solid couple doing Dividend Investment Strategy. They retired recently despite iron rice bowls. Their sharing is awesome. Link right below. Many thinking I shared.

One key point I like to highlight is Re-Balance Strategy. What is it ?

To Optimize Return and Minimize Risk. This is something I will put special focus. But what is it actually ? I would think exposure that I feel is getting riskier and try to par down stake at optimal price. This will mean there should be an upper limit cap. to minimize risk. And diversification is key.

Finally, being Average is so great !


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