Jun 15, 2020

Cory Diary : Dividend Report Jun'20

Recession or not for Dividend Investor, the mentality is always Dividend please come. This is true till we are hit by Covid-19 Black Swan event which continue to play out 6 months into the crisis.

One of the key believe is that as long the business is stable, dividends will be relatively stable. It is "Bond like". Is a time where most of what Cory believes get challenged. It  is as seems someone up there do this purposely.

Do we change ? Not if we are relatively diversified in our strategy. For example CMT is one of core stock. Despite that it is less than 10% of the portfolio. So with recent income retention by CMT, the Portfolio dividend continues to churn.

In fact, with such dynamic market, this is where new gem can be found into one's basket of stocks. So when there is new opportunity arises, instead of expanding CMT, we can secure a new dividend stock. There are many ways to do this including tapping more of the warchest.

As of now YTD, dividends received $24,990. There is more to come before Jun end. The theoretical dividend roughly $60,500 which is about 14% increase by year end compared to Year 2019. Total dividend received since tracking $350,340. Cheers, Covid or Not


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