Feb 7, 2020

Cory Diary : Performance 7th Feb'20

Is like weeks since my last posting. After registering strong return in the month of January 2020, Wuhan Virus finally get into my nerve. For the past few weeks I have sold enough shares that i have never done before that I hit my elevated selling limit set by my brokerage for a day. So moving forward I will be on buying mode since what has left behind will be the baseline that I would want to hold vested.

Today Tracker is the latest I got after the market closed today. Currently there is about 2% gap between Cory and STI Index.There is some roller-coaster ride since the Wuhan saga comes into play. How this ends will be interesting. 
From the chart, one key learning is I did not manage to catch the rebound up-swing of STI Index and Bank enough. As you know they took a step back today. This is something I like to digest on how to read them correctly and take decisive action.

Another action I took is I have kick-started my the other trading account which has lower fees. There will be some saving mitigated. The other advantage is that I will have two burners when needed.

Finally, one stock I like to mention is Ascott Reit from Ascendas-h tr shares. Last year I sold about half of Ascendas-h Tr shares. And decided to clear my remaining shares that was converted to Ascott Reit. Nothing against this Reit except that I did not choose this previously and market condition do not suit me to continue holding something that I am not in tune to it.

Little Daughter keeps me fun and busy. 😉



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