Feb 15, 2020

Cory Diary : Equity Allocation Feb'20 - Part 1

Has been a long time since I last post on SG Overall Equity Position. There has been quite a change since last posted. The change is huge and this won't be the last. Every time I tell myself not to do that but my survival instinct fails me. However don't get me wrong. I like the fun and so is my broker for the fees.... . So is a mutual thing. 😂

The equity allocation is pretty detail imo and I hope by sharing my experience will helps people on portfolio management and as a record for myself on where I could improve on. Is my sincere believe that one has to build up alternative sustainable income stream to be better in the future. Our future. Don't wait till we need it. Is still work in progress for that matter.

However, the blog articles are my learning experience and is on personal perspective which may not fit you or the conclusion can be wrong since is an ever learning process. So read it with a pinch of salts.

SIA 3.03% 240328

Since last record earning, I have not do enough "Parking" to my Fixed segment of my portfolio. This portion of my portfolio is like a reserve that provide buffers in time of needs so growing them is important. Manage to double my SIA Bond recently. If we are to use YTM to compute yield one may arrive roughly 2.4x%. That is a little misleading considering the coming interest in march. So I view it as a steal. Am I right ?


Did some roughly 25% par down recently when Wuhan first emerge. Even though Wuhan Virus is not as damaging to the market like Sars did the last time this has contribute some to the warchest. Will the situation get worst is anybody guess. But I am happy to hold the remaining 75% through if that happens as it is providing one of core dividend contribution. Yield wise is not as good as Reits so this put the portfolio in better yield shape.


This counter is wiped down as I feel the management is not as strong as DBS. Furthermore with Digital Banking, the impact may be a surprise to existing players who are not aggressive enough. Considering I did do a scrip, the remaining will be odd lot for long time to come. I thought this could be with me for long enough time despite the overhanging digital baking concern but Wuhan thing changes my plan.


DBS allocation has been reduced a little. Contributing some funding to the warchest. Is still quite size-able in the portfolio. If there is impact from Digital Banking, the only horse I would bet is DBS. The current yield is good and could be under-valued. I would like to expand if there is opportunity.


Sold off 40% recently when the price run up. At roughly 5% yield for a slow growth stock I thought this make sense. The 60% remaining gives a good enough dividends contribution for now and do provide stability support on portfolio value when the market turns. There maybe some upside but it will only be significant if we could see long term consumer segment contribution on the retail ends and not be impacted by 5G roll-out.


This stock has been providing solid returns over the years. Last year 34% XIRR. Since  last year I have been steadily reducing my exposure 2 lots at a time with the recent one just yesterday. Is always seller remorse situation.  The remaining 50% will be difficult to sell. Hopefully market allows me to build the allocation back. Their recent result is good and will provide robust dividends for the portfolio.


Initiated a position on this. This stock has been hit by Wuhan. In normal situation, it may not be easy to get this price. Therefore this is a position for possible gain after this whole thing is over and be a growth stock for the portfolio.


Initiated a position on this as well which has corrected quite significantly due to Wuhan event. Same thing, in normal situation especially for a Reit, it is quite impossible to get at current price.  There is an inertial of whether one should wait longer but for me there aren't many Reits of good standing that can provide this yield. The down side risk is the short leases and therefore possible risk of renewal which I do not have much knowledge on. The Reit dividend distribution is half yearly and it just Ex-dividend.


Blogged previously. No longer in the portfolio. (link)


This was largest position and with increasing stock price this year, I decided to take profits to build up my warchest. Remaining 25% left as core for dividends. Depending who we ask, the learning from this episode is that I could have oversold my position. It was so significant prior to the sale due to increasing price and that kind of unnerve me that I wanted to realize it asap. The current yield is 4.9% which is quite good for this Reit. If we are to look at the Radar map, the stock is clearly not in right allocation size. A mistake imo.

Want to go on but  it will be 2am soon. I will leave the rest for part 2.



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