May 26, 2019

Cory Diary : Dividend Report Card 2019-0526

Cory Dividend Report tracks Cumulative and Annual Dividends. 

Cumulative (Right Axis) has reached $294,000. With the rate we are going, it will only takes  3 to 4 more years to hit $500K mark and probably another 5 years to accumulate to $1M theoretically. This comes with Dividend Strategy.

For Annual Dividend perspective, accumulated $22K in 5 months. This amount only include counter that has ex-dividends in 2019. If my annual salary saving is also $22K, my saving has speed up by 100% by now isn't it ? That's the power.

However, all this is meaningless if over time which I mean portfolio value (realized and Unrealized) has decreased. So is important we track them as well as in below chart from SG Equity mainly.

One thing I did that helps with increasing portfolio size is to minimize the draw down. This provide a good boost. To manage risk, the portfolio which are mainly SG Equity is one of my future Retirement support. In addition to Pension, I also have Cash, Property, Gov securities and Fixed deposits which are growing in tandem. One thing which I agree, that we have to watch carefully is Insurance as well.



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