Oct 24, 2018

Cory Diary : When Family Planning and Financial do not mix ... we have lesser babies

I have an exchange with a guy recently on why Singapore has dwindling birth rate. The reason he gives are cost of living and job security. Not surprisingly this looks common among developed world therefore internally I feel this reasons are derived from common sense logic and need not necessary be the case. We barely scratch the surface of the truth which I think could start from Stress.

Stress can comes from anywhere. Jobless, Insecurity, Lack of Self Confidence, No Money ... . But why mainly developed world ? Because we think too much. As we have better education, ability to plan ahead and see further actually becomes a hindrance to family planning. We also start to procrastinate for life partner as well. On top of this, lifestyle has changed and arrange marriage loses it's tradition and shine.

When the guy is in mid 30s and above, and more financially secure, sadly our lady biological rhythm do not change with time. When she hits 35, fertilization deteriorate rapidly. Women start to have difficulty getting pregnant as years go by. Even if she does, there is higher risk of birth defects and miscarriages.

To add further, Stress impacts on animal and humans alike. Our reproductive systems shutdown and we have more secondary effect like illness. An extract from an article. " In animal populations, as in humans, some individuals have better coping mechanisms to deal with stress, which gives them an adaptive advantage.".

The luckier ones have parent helps.  The much longer route would to be wait for financially security. How many hits it and in time is the problem. Unless one able to climb the corporate ladder quickly or in covert jobs this won't be easy. Personally I feel the easiest route would be not to think too much. Maybe the plan is to forget about family planning and just go ahead. :)



  1. This is very true. It happens to me and many middle income people

    1. Agreed. This group are emerging class which faces more.

  2. Stress, yes, but I think it is also due to more educated women going to the workforce. As the workforce increases, wages goes down. And it becomes harder for a one breadwinner family to work. Women themselves also have to choose between career and raising a family, among other things. And if cost of living increases, there is more incentive for career over child. As their earning power increases, the pool of potential mates also decreases. As women have the tendency to marry up, and men marry down. Of course there are exceptions but in general that seems to be the case.

    1. There are certain portion of the female population would choose career over children. But I think majority would still go for kids. My gut feel is job and need not necessarily be career. But why job ? Money ..