Oct 3, 2018

Cory Diary : CapitaMall Trust and WestGate

Manage to sit down and do a quick read on the circular regarding the acquisition of Westgate. It has been a long while holding to an investment report physically. I think CMT have done well in providing good investment knowledge on this.

One of the key variables provided is the gearing dependency on Debt funding ranging at 70%, 85% and 100%. Gearing shifts from 31.5% to 34%, 35% and 36% respectively. What is more interesting is the DPU gains which increase from 11.16 cents to 11.18, 11.25 and 11.33. The most will be 1.5% increase in DPU. Another to know is the interest rate used to compute the above is 3.25% for the additional debts. For a 3.5% it will be about 0.2% impact to DPU.

The main impact is the gearing if is total debt funded. I would think they may maximize private placement amount first to mitigate gearing to the point where DPU gains from existing operations do not cause reduction in dpu level to be not accretive. The other possibility is that valuation up largely from existing property which could help mitigate the gearing space.

Interesting item I found is that the agreed value is much lower than other properties nearby even though the yield is only 4.4%. The key is the strategicness of the asset long term. The other positive is the portfolio overall improvement which is where CMT strength is. A similar learning could be FLT. If FLT emerges better, why wouldn't CMT which has even more stable income and stronger sponsor ?

We could see more exciting future for shareholders.


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