Oct 14, 2018

Cory Diary : Passive Income Plan with recent volatility

STI Index has corrected about 10% this year. From 3402.92 on 29th Dec'17 down to 3069.17 last friday. Yield improved from 3.3% to 3.68%. For people who invest now, that's $3,380 more dividends for a million dollar portfolio in STI Index. I would be celebrating on the increase value.

We can said similarly for Reits as well. While existing investors are still nursing capital loss this doesn't really matter as long the investment is stable type because the price will return long term. If is not, and fundamental yet change in the company performance, this shouldn't be bad anyway.

My next challenge will be when I should increase my stake. Since we have hit a 10% reduction, I think is time we could explore some sizable injection. But I won't use up all my reserve. Good news for those still on salary. Your reserve will continue to grow as long your expense is managed.

I would avoid growth stocks since I am not so sure about the bottom. I only know the market is cheaper for my dividend strategy. So if the market goes lower I would still be ok. As for dividend stocks, I would focus on more robust counters. STI Index if I am not so particular with higher yields and lack of ideas. And probably 6% range on Reits. The next question will be which will fit better to my portfolio.

First Reit recent change while neutral do pose some anxiety. I wouldn't want to add more. Maple families are still on the lower yield range. So are ParkwayLife. FCT and Fraser L&R doesn't looks like corrected enough. The issue I have with FCT is the yield doesn't meet the cut and I have CMT. Fraser L&R still has 7% though. So this could be a candidate and I already has some stake in it. The other is Aims Reit. But I have Ascendas Reit which provides better coverage.


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