May 6, 2017

Cory Diary : XIRR Performance - Interim Q2 2017 May Update

The Market for REITs have been exciting for this period of results announcement and media has been reporting good returns of a number of strong Reits. So is this ride ending ? Apparently the decision this week not to increase rate by Fed seems has no clear felt impact to the market as it will likely be on next. I have been holding tight on what I have and waiting .... . During this time I have done more blogging instead.

As there are 5 more dividends counters waiting to be Ex-div so I will just leave that for next article. To spice up this update, I have included XIRR Interim Q2 '17 May for comparison.

Some of my re-balance actions I took is to lower my First Reit exposure for Lippo mall. Appears it doesn't really matters to the return as both did well in their operation net net. My five speculative positions seems break even within. Not all quarterly result is out yet on them so we shall see how I do after. I sold some of my earlier SSB Bond in exchange for higher interests last month after Interests. Intent to max out my allocation at appropriate time. With current 1%-2.3% range, this will push down my score as expected.

Singtel moved a tack lower however I am not definite on the impact will be. Market sentiments not helping. Looking forward to the coming result. Exposure is a single digit percentage of my portfolio.

STI Index did really well due to the banks again. Chances are the market will continue to go up just that I am not sure it will be STI. I have so far been mitigated due to low double digits exposure to STI index. Super Bulls would have arrived if we see both Singtel and Oil/Gas surge returns. So we aren't in bubble territory yet I feel.

Outlook to watch

1. Oil Price
2. SGD/AUD/USD/NTD Currency
3. Telco Markets


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