May 27, 2017

Cory Diary : Portfolio Updates 20170527

Charting in Excel is quite fun. Just figure out I can do a reverse of my Radar Chart. Be warned, will need to take a new dimension at looking it. The reverse radar overcomes concentration in the center and put more emphasis on stocks that occupies higher allocation than the others in the middle.

My trades already hit 74 YTD which is about half year mark and I am enjoying the process of allocation and divestment.

Increased my SSB ( Bond ) allocation with new funds. For more diverse and stable income. Upped Ascendas and Lippo Reits some. And started a small allocation  in AGT and Parkway Reit. Decided to remove FEHT.

Halcyon Agri removed. Commodity is still not in my blood. Cut loss less than 5k.
Took some profit on STI Index and Global Logistic to balance my loss. This lowered my Banks exposure more. Net changes bring up my portfolio yield some and laid the ground work for next year dividends.

XIRR YTD 6.9% excluding structured investment.(Book closure 29th Dec '17)
All-in-all I am having fun in the market place.

Risk anticipation will be market reaction to interest rate hikes which i have no control even though logically should not impact Reits much. Fact is for the past year Reit stock price has generally moved up and market experts are wrong again. Will Reits continues the uptrend .... better not unless we got better yields else we may see volatility.



  1. Hi Cory ,
    Great chart and well diversify portfolio,,,not as mine which is very much "skewed " towards REITs and Biz trust,,,, my worry about the market is when we hv few rounds of interest rate increase but REIT keep " cheonging " then I may need to consider to rebalancing my portfolio further ...towards more cash n short term bond,,,or even SSB,,,
    Cheers ! :-)

    1. REITs are about 40% of mine. My take is cash is overflowing due to years of easing and low interests. REITs will be driven higher. How long ... dunno. My hope is they will level off (not significant correction unless there is macro events) and then stay there for long time till earning goes up to support next capital increase.