May 9, 2017

Cory Diary : Cory Ideal Singapore Portfolio

Has been playing with Excel for sometime and surprise i could do below. Not sure what you call this chart. What I like is it tells me my investment categories and exposure by segment, and by counter in a stroke. Take me sometime to absorb the picture at first but it becomes clearer after from the grouping. The rings are the investment sizes.

Here's the breakdown on what I thought to start with towards what a Million Portfolio will look like after by year end. Yield will be around 4.6%. Do you see any risks or concern ?

The BLUEs ...

STI ETF basically covers a lot of Banks and Singtel, and at the most outer rung of the circle. However I could do more to include more banks directly. Currently this the main mitigation on recent banks run up. SINGTEL is relatively heavier in the portfolio. I am still monitoring closely. Telco business is tough but being a regional telco there is economic of scale and leverages.The lower dividends policy than others mean there are fund for growth and better compete with competitors.


REITs marked in yellow are a key segment of dividends. They are in various stage of buildup.
I did a re-balance recently lowering First Reit slightly for Lippo Mall Reit considering they are from same sponsor to reduce systematic risk i thought.. Maybe I should have just increase Lippo instead.

AA Reit my favorite currently due to much work is done by management to improve their returns for the future. Trusts have better regional exposure elements to mitigate S$ currency.

The REDs ...

Are my recent plunge. They are more short - mid term. More speculative end of mine. If you do not know why Global Logistic is there just search around. ValueMax is one of a kind that I have missed. I feel is mid risk but sized enough for me to hold long as needed.  If you notice I have included Halcyon as a possible black horse. Nevertheless a commodity stock in rubber. I feel is time to get into some of this. QAF is another play though can be considered basic essentials. I may move it out of red zone once the stock is more stable and if I am still holding. Design Studio is more a faith plunge base on their previous quarter performance. Not much knowledge to talk of.

 I am really curious how will they do in 2017.

The WHITEs ...

They are Bonds and Preference Shares. One may notice Singapore Saving Bonds (SSB). This is where I parked my emergency fund for short term. The remainder are for mid term funding needs. The risk level is quite wide if you have noticed. Example some Hyflux PS at the most inner circle of the portfolio.

The GREENS ...

They are the basic essentials. I thought is good to have some. Sheng Siong growth is getting more constrains but still a profitable business. The China investment will take some time at much risk. Thai Bev is quite in play.


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