Jan 21, 2017

Cory Diary : Financial Updates 20170121

How I will approach this is to have my Financial Charts up for evaluation. This data is computed automatically through excel. So theoretically I am able to produce them everyday with little effort.

The first chart is my Net Worth. I have this tracked since 2007 to see the Market crash horribly the next year. Unfortunately this is the furthermost that I have tracked as I would like to have data for another decade more. I find this chart fascinating because I am curious how net worth chart looks like in data over a long period. There is more than 9 years worth of data.

This year I added RED line to truly measure my Net Worth which include my Pension, CPF, Insurance Values and CPF Shares. I have the $ scale removed as usual for privacy.

There is a slight divergence to my surprise between the lines. Does this mean my "locked Investment" is doing better in growth than my investable assets.

The other chart below is asset allocation. Net Property means Value after deducting outstanding loan.
I am still not investing enough. Feel rather bad myself so I may have to reduce it down to 30% this year. And if Market allows to 26% cash and FD.

Cash Buffer for property payment in SG Bank is over 6 years.  This may continue to go up if I stay employed as I am a Value Saver. I plan to maintain this high level of buffer.

Investment wise, 14% in Structured Returns lowers my overall portfolio returns. I hope to expand my Stock Equity if market allowed, by 6% allocation more to achieve better yield..

I am not doing much with CPF other than shifting enough into SA account to earn higher interest rates. The remaining OA CPF to further backup my housing loan. Overall, as you can see I am rather conservative in my financial but I am happy because I could be worst.

If you notice something striking or concern, feel free to comment.



  1. Hi Cory,

    How old are you currently and how many more years you plan to retire?
    Curious as ever.

    1. Hi Frown, I have been in the work force long enough. Tired about office politics and feel I have earn enough not to lower my human dignity. Seriously considered to retire few years ago but decided to keep myself busy for a while longer. About 3 years since i think about it. Thing got sort out naturally.

    2. Because it looks like you should be quite old to have such passive income (2.4k a month is near retirement standard). I am only in my late twenties and felt there is a long way more to go. Hence wondering if you are already in your 40s or 50s haha

    3. Actually 3K monthly "Passive" excluding interests. By the time you are near your retirement, you may have 5K a month of passive income due to inflation and this better salary. This is provided the SG Gov remains stable and strong. That time, Millionaire is a norm in the street.

  2. i swear people like yourself and me are contrarian indicators. the moment we put our cash in the market will crash.

    1. Thanks Kyith, your sense is amazing. I hate you so much for being that accurate. We think so alike.