Jan 28, 2017

Cory Diary : 2017 Chicken Out

Did my second speculative trade of the year for fun. This is after I notice there is still some upside for Keppel since last year low. By the way I am no fan of Oil and Gas or Ships. And no margins. Saw my profit went up to more than $800 before it came crashing down after the poor result announced. This hit me back to fundamental reality or am I ?

Nevertheless I Chicken Out and close my positions with some Ang Pao money for the year.

The XIRR is 82% because I achieved $382 profits within the month - short period. If I am able to continuous perform of similar periods to full year, it would have been 82% returns of my investment. This would also mean keppel stock price will have to jump by similar amount from my entry position which is unlikely to happen.

Understanding another way, the actual return is 3.2% for less than a month effort. For same performance throughout the year, this will be 82% due to investment compounding of the 3.2%



  1. Hi Cory/fellow Singtel investor,

    Nice trading of Keppel Corp for a period of less than a month. Not bad a return to cover the first month of 2017. I did the same on City dev.
    Keppel price will go down again I guess but nobody knows. No wrong taking profit.

    Anyway, enjoy reading most of your posts -some stocks mentioned are under my watchlist. Will be great to exchange blog links.

    1. Yes. Trading counter is never wrong to take profit I guess :)
      Thanks Frowns88. I have your site added.