Aug 19, 2022

Cory Diary : Equity and Dividend Report YTD

Ytd Dividend collected $56k which is significantly higher than previous year. Reason I will mention more below paragraphs. Dividends collected have crossed $542k incl. delist agt. $491k without. Sigh ! did not cross half a million. That's fine because with dividend strategy it will. Just a matter of time.

Bao Jiak !

This few weeks I have been focusing on driving dividend yields through better companies reporting such as Ascendas. This counter is interesting because I was averaging down as the market get beaten up such that I have significant excess in Ascendas shares. And when the market turned bull I start selling excess in small stages. Soon after the report is above my expectation so I kind of bought back some partially at higher level from my sell price. The mindset is the Ascendas after reporting gives me a better picture overall of the business which deserve larger allocation.

In-addition I have decided to do some foray into SGX USD Reits such as Primes and United Hampshire which have high yields. Most of this money comes from earlier Tesla allocation reduction and some cash injection. This help to boost the dividend further as they were obtained before Ex-dividends but should be balanced out by some capital loss short term in overall portfolio performance. Last year I did kind of reverse, selling shares before Ex-Dividend to lock-in capital gains. There is no right or wrong in trying to re-balance the portfolio to a low level of risk to manage Sleep.

Scoped some Cdg too as I thought the result is pretty good and the initial positioning helps to motivate me to explore further. This year I have been expanding my counters for wider diversification while reducing position such as Tesla to slightly lower which still in net gain position from cost basis.

Lastly, I decided to clear out Daiwa Log Tr from the Portfolio. Fundamentally the business is ok but the exchange rate is a pain. Further with no end in sight that the Japanese gov will change course so I thought is time to release the stock without much losses. There are still Elite and iReit which also face the same rate issue however their gov have not problem reining in inflation when needed imo.

As usual, please dyodd as in sharing my thoughts and not advise.

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