Sep 2, 2022

Cory Diary : Jittery Market

Year 2022 Market has been Jittery. The funny thing is the market has been reacting as though they are surprised what Fed will do when they actually knew what it has to do.

There has been many Black Swan events if we are to broadly classify them. Ranging from Ukraine War, Covid aftermath, High Inflation, Extreme Hot Weather, China routs on Tech/Edu stocks, China Property Crisis, World Oil Crisis and to add the emergence of disruptor like Tesla on many fronts that pose to change the landscape of the auto industry.

For Mainly Dividend Investor as in perspective of Cory Portfolio, is like a similar beeps like in past drawn down which is surprising measured despite large growth in portfolio size. ( see above chart on draw down)

There are still a few months ahead but unlike Year 2021, I have not much feel to be in good profit territory for YTD performance. That's fine. We can wait while scoping up cheap stocks in stages. It has been good opportunity to collect.

Will there be cheaper price ? Maybe ... no one knows. I don't have crystal ball but is cheap currently.


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