Aug 3, 2022

Cory Diary : Ascendas 1H22 Report

Ascendas reported another set of strong results. A quick glance on below table.
10th Aug'22 is Ex-Dividend. At current trading price of $2.99 which translate to annualized yield of about 5.27%.

Adjusted NAV 2.31 (after div distribution) the premium is about 1.29 or 29% to NAV.

Debt Management

Summary as below which looks healthy.


Ascendas has a diversified portfolio mitigating currency impact.


Initially I have concern on the quality of the DPU. But below table probably addressed it mostly by the Footnotes.

Can't ask more in this report. Diverse property, debt, dpu and premium are well covered. Is such Reits that always let me think twice on allocating my money to safer elsewhere for lesser returns.

This is a quick glance on the result but I have most of what I needed to look at.
Please DYODD.


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