Jun 11, 2022

Cory Diary : Time will Pass - Don't let the correction go to waste

If someone is to tell me when Covid just hit us in early 2020 on the disasters it will ensued after, I would find the going tough. To play back, Covid hits, 2nd Baby, Covid Mar'202 Crash, Covid lock downs, Salary Freeze, Covid Vaccinations, Covid Variants, Ukraine War, Fuel price sky rocketed, High Inflation, Rate Hikes, Property Curbs, ... ... ....


While is hard to predict the future, we have already progress so far as we take it one bad news at a time. For every damage done, it will Pass. Therefore is important that we Preserve and go through it.

What I do the past week is tallying up my available War chest. Have been buying in bits into dividend stocks so far. Trying to measure up how much each purchase drives the dividend coffer. The buying period is long because I want to see is there major dip or else put some amount Instead into SSB at higher interest rate later. 

Yesterday US side announced 8.6% Inflation number and luxury home sales dropped 18%. Obviously the Market reflected it. Currently I have Telsa and Msft in US position. Probably less than 10% of the Equity allocation. Even though it was managed down as I take advantage of the strong USD position to sell into SG Cash, the exposure is still quite high. Have a good night sleep last night so aren't going to DCA or increase US Positions.

SGX side, Potential Annual Dividends will hit $67k to-date. Received about $32k+ dividend YTD so far which is way more than previous years even before the month June ended. Seriously, I am not hoping for US market to crash but it works perfect if SG Market does for dividend counters so that I can stretch my dollar for the dividend significantly. 


Meantime I will keep buying in bits and pieces as it looks like the market is on slow rewind.


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