Jun 5, 2022

Cory Diary : Interest Rate v Reit Prices


Reit yield has been going down for past decade or more with lowering interest rates. What this mean is higher Stock Price. This seems a yield spiral which result in yield compression against SSB or Bonds. There needs for a reversal.

The bad way to do this is to have relative lower stock price with higher yield as we can see in past one and half year. Basically Covid impact weakening business fundamental. The ideal way to have much better earning in DPU. How can this happen ?

Currently I can think of 3 and item 1 condition is happening today. There could be more but for interest of time ...

1. Inflation - Yes. This result in higher rental prices provided strengthening economy.

2. Leverage - Higher Leverage will helps including Perpetual.

3. Property - Yes. Increasing Property Price means lower Gearing.


In short, Reits need to adjust their rental which takes time to happen therefore we could see weakening or flat market due to lagging factor however longer term this will provide better DPU thus stronger Reit prices theoretically.

The problem with this strategy based on past reference is that the lagging factor can last for years and who knows what will happen during this period. We could have recession, major war or another pandemic. touch wood ! Enough of negativity ! There can also be positive news too just that I lack the knowledge to think of immediately that has 100% confidence it can speed up.

What I could is to buy in slowly in small bites investing in strong fundamental businesses meantime.

Why Reits ?

See below - Specifically Singapore. Simply no withholding tax and local knowledge.


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