Jun 28, 2022

Cory Diary : 1H'22 Dividend

Quick update on the 1H'22 Dividend Report for Equity Portfolio. A brief on the portfolio changes. The portfolio no longer has bond since FCL matures. All elements of bonds are now supported through CPF and SSB. In addition, the yield of the portfolio is not perfect due to growth stocks within pulling down the overall score since they do not have dividends or minimal.

Last year the dividend reduced a little due to portfolio focus on capital gains and then switch out to dividend stocks that have just ex-dividend due to portfolio re-balancing. This year we do not have such situation. The strategy of the portfolio is to use Dividend for cash flow which also act as backstop in market downturn while buying lows.

This year as expected, the equity dividend is backup on rising trend due to larger portfolio size from larger total gain last year. Year-to-Date dividend $32,407. With this trend, potential dividend cumulation towards $500,000 by year end will be a nice milestone. Obviously with dividend play is a matter of time this will arrive provided we ever started. Feeling cheeky.



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