Dec 18, 2021

Cory Diary : Tesla Investment updates

Got into Tesla early this year and "Trapped" by the tech correction. Waited 6 months with DCA before Tesla ATH. Now with recent Growth stocks correction, how long it is going to last this time ? Tesla is not only growing significantly but also getting more profitable unlike SE or GRAB which are in burning cash stage.

Few things to watch.

1. Giga Berlin approval
2. Elon Option expiry sales in last stages.
3. Q4 Shipment data
4. Q4 Results

Good News is Biden concedes. This is significant which mean no union subsidy yet for EV cars.


1. Elon will pay $B of taxes for this year on his Options and Stock Sales. IIRC more than 50% tax.
2. Elon will have more shares after this sales due to not all option shares exercised are sold


Share allocation hits 8.5% of portfolio. Time to rest for DCA considering my average price has now increase to 800+ ? Last buy at 935. Averaging up is quite interesting.



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